Does Fixed Income Equal A Fixed Mindset?

Often people come to our programs having been a full time employee for many years, if not all their working life. Sadly, often a result of being on a fixed income can mean people begin to think with a fixed mindset and this in turn leads to financial and lifestyle stagnation.
Looking back now, I was lucky as an carpentry contractor I never really had permanent income. Constantly I was having to look for the next house to build, negotiating a rate, delivering on the promise and finally sometimes, having to chase my money from the head contractor.
Unwittingly I was setting myself up for a mindset that never had the chance to become ‘fixed’.
If you’re on a fixed income look for ways you can firstly change your mindset to look for opportunities, see them for just that, and ultimately have the courage to take action.
Don’t let the old institution of full time employment be the reason why you don’t go out looking for a better way…instead make it the exact reason why you set out on a new journey to freedom. Whatever that means to you.
What or who could you be if you had the courage?

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July 26, 2012

Greg @ 2:08 am #

Spot on, great post. Full-time employment shouldn’t be the reason that prevents anyone from building a second income stream. How often do you hear people say “well, I’d love to earn some extra money, but just don’t have the time”. That’s kind of the point… If the only way you make money is attached to the number of hours you work, you’re always going to be short on time. Everyone can do it. It’s just about being smart – 24 hours in a day, 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, which leaves 8 hours to do other things. Even if it’s 1 hour per day on a second income stream… You can get a lot done in 7 hours each week. Thanks for this great post!

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