Do Different Seasons Make You More Or Less Money On eBay?

Although we might be coming into Winter in Australia, the other side of the world is going into Spring and Summer. This means for those of you thinking your products for this Winter season won’t sell as well as in the warmer months, it’s time to start thinking outside the square and look at shipping worldwide…

The reason we bring this up is because some items look like they are a seasonal item but if you target worldwide there’ll always be a market that has a warmer climate…Why not ship overseas if you can keep selling or boost selling even more?

You can also get a bargain buying from America because their Winter items are now selling at cheap prices…which you could resell in the eBay Australia market to make a profit 🙂

Be sure to brainstorm all different types of strategies you can use to maintain your profits and don’t get complacent that your sales may dip, try different things to get your business different results.

Til next time, keep learning and growing your eBay business.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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