Could An eBay Consignment Business Be For You?

Most sellers remain on the prowl for new and enticing goods to sell. However if you’ve built your online selling strategy around unique collectibles or second hand treasures, yet wonder if you can maintain a profit-bearing inventory, why not consider selling other people’s goods?

Sellers can strike up relationships with friends, family and neighbours who have plenty of goods to unload but lack the skill or motivation to market it online, by offering to sell the goods for them and share in the profits.

Often a lot of people that would love to turn their trash into treasure, especially hearing how so many others have already done so, would prefer if someone else would manage the work for them, offering a cut of the earnings for the trouble. So here emerges your inventory opportunity, consignment style.

Here’s 7 great reasons to start a consignment business

  • Relieve your stress of running out of inventory. When you gain access to other people’s goods, you’ll likely have more inventory to choose from than ever before


  • Reduce your risk of being stuck with stock you can’t move, as if something doesn’t sell, you merely return it to the original owner without taking a loss in inventory investment


  • Develop a completely objective attitude toward the items you’ll offer for sell. When you don’t have emotional ties to the items you’re selling you can offer goods with business-focused impartiality


  • You can start an eBay consignment business with little to no investment, and start as soon as tomorrow if you’re able to get your hands on some stock!


  • Once you set up a consignment business you can decide how serious you want it to be, it can either be your fulltime job or just some extra cash on the side


  • There’s lot of fun ways to bring in business, you can get business cards made up, do a letterbox drop, put posters up at schools and universities, start a Facebook page-the options are endless!


  • Sell into a niche you enjoy-if you’re interested in fashion or antiques you could start selling stock that you love and feel passionate about


Of course with all eBay selling methods there are pros and cons and things to consider such as drawing up contracts, deciding on a profit split and who holds and sends out the stock. But consignment is definitely a fun an interesting eBay selling method to consider.

Until next week, continue having fun and making money on eBay!

Matt and Amanda Clarkson


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