Communicating Is The Key On eBay

With any business it is vital to have excellent customer service and good communication with potential customers and buyers. It is no different on eBay even though the person buying your item may be miles and miles away. Knowing how to deal with and answer any customer’s questions is essential for the success of your eBay business.

When you first start out with your eBay business answering questions is almost a novelty and seems straight forward. However as your business turns from a hobby into a business you can find that answering questions can become a full time job!

If you aren’t quick enough to answer buyer’s questions they can quickly become discouraged and go to your competition or buy from you and give you bad feedback about your communication.

Here are a couple of tips to avoid bad feedback and low star ratings:

*Include as many details in your listing about your item, it may seem obvious however including as much info as possible in the listings description and also filling out the item specifics can answer buyers questions 90% of the time.

*Write a Q & A page for each product, once you have come up with all your questions and answers go to eBay and click on My eBay and then hover your mouse over My Account and then slick on site Preferences and then hit Show Link in your Manage Communication box. Tick the Show the Q & A box and then select Use Q & A. These questions and answers will then show up when the buyer hits – Ask the Seller a Question.

There you have it a couple of ways that can help you communicate better with your buyers which will overall improve your feedback and also get more sales:)

Til next time, have a great eBay week.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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