Clarifying eBay’s Feedback Policy

Earlier this week we had a phone call with our Account Manager about some issues with the Feedback Policy. So we thought it would be best to share this valuable information they have sent us some information so you know exactly where you stand with the Policy.

eBay have received requests to remove feedback in situations where a buyer is requesting to have the feedback they left removed.  If a buyer contacts eBay or the seller requesting to have their Feedback removed for any reason, eBay are not be able to remove their Feedback unless it meets the criteria for removal.  Please keep in mind that a Feedback Revision Request will need to be utilised in these cases.

If you do not have any Feedback Revision Requests, the buyer may leave a Follow Up Comment stating that they wish to have the Feedback removed. However, feedback will only be removed from your account one time as a courtesy.

In addition to the above, there have been questions regarding the Feedback Extortion Policy.  eBay wanted to provide some clarification around this subject as well.  This policy was recently updated in November 2010.  It now states that sellers may not require nor demand buyers to leave specific Feedback or Detailed Seller Ratings. These prohibitions apply to all Feedback activity, whether prior to, during, or after delivery of goods or services described in the original listing.

Below are some examples of Feedback Extortion:

•       Feedback Extortion from a buyer:

“Send me an extra $50.00 or I will leave you negative feedback”

“Ship me an extra shirt or I will leave you negative feedback”

“Remove the Unpaid Item Strike from my account or I will leave you
negative feedback”

•       Feedback Extortion from a seller:

“I’ll give you $15 [or some other compensation] if you revise the negative feedback you left me.”

“I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the item. I’ll refund your money and you can keep it if you’ll leave me a positive feedback and / or all 5s on my DSRs.”

“I will only accept a return and refund your money if you leave me a positive feedback  and / or all 5s on my DSRs.”

Sellers may not offer to give buyers a full or partial refund, other monetary compensation, additional items or services not in the original listing, or accept a return in exchange for the buyer leaving positive Feedback, DSR’s, or revising a previously left Feedback. If sellers correct a problem for a buyer, they may after the fact ask the buyer to consider revising a Feedback or leaving a positive Feedback and high DSRs. The key is that the Feedback related request is separate from the communications about correcting a problem transaction.

Hope this gives you more of an understanding of the Feedback Policy and how it works.

Til next time, have a great eBay weekend!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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