Christmas Lights Safety Alert For Buyers & Sellers…

All sellers and buyers are encouraged to check if their Christmas or decorative lights products comply with Australian Standards. The Queensland Electrical Safety Office would like to remind all Australian sellers and buyers that unsafe Christmas lights can pose as a very dangerous threat to buyers.

Christmas lights require an Australian certificate of approval before they can be sold in Queensland. When buying new Christmas lights, look for an approval number (e.g. Q12345; V12345; N12345; NSW12345;) or the regulatory compliance mark logo, which indicates compliance with Australian Standards.

These marks must be on the Christmas lights and are normally found on a plastic tag near the supply plug, or on the transformer body if it is an extra low voltage type. The markings may also be printed on the packaging.

Only buy lights that have an approval mark. Visit the Electrical Safety Office website for additional information

If you have any doubts about the electrical safety of any Christmas lights, decorative lighting, other electrical equipment or your electrical installation, contact a licensed electrical contractor. You can find them in the Yellow Pages, White Pages, your local newspaper or by contacting an electrical industry association.

It’s better to stay safe this Christmas and do the right thing then lose money or worse, blow up an electrical socket!

Have a great day!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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