eBay Education

eBay Education

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Daryl Made $100,000 In Sales Over The Last 3 Months


Cathy & Alex make over $35,000 every month in their eBay Business

Home Business"We attended the eBay Magic workshop and invested in the Super Course, back in November 2007. After the seminar, we decided to take the plunge into investing in advanced mentoring with Matt, Amanda and the team. Since that time, we have both left our old jobs, become silver powersellers ($6,000 per month) (with gold in our sights) and are in the process of importing products from overseas.

Whilst its taken quite a bit of work; Matt, Amanda, Tamra, Genta, Josh and all the other Bidding Buzz crew have all been there to help us every step of the way. Our business is about 90% automated now, allowing us to have more free time than we ever thought possible. By the end of September this year, we’re now turning over $35,000 per month. It’s sounds a bit corny, but looking back at what our lives were like less than a year ago, the future is now a lot brighter. We’re looking forward to expanding into other areas soon, and increasing our profits even more. We truly believe that if we had started this adventure on our own, we would not be anywhere close to where we are now – in such a short period of time."

Kathy & Alex Romano
Gold Coast


Rosie Makes $4,000 In Her First 3 Weeks Selling On eBay


Peter Makes $11,683 in Just 7 Days Using Every Strategy, System and Tip He Learns From Matt & Amanda’s eBay Magic System.

Home BusinessI invested in the eBay Magic Program around October 07 and followed every step and strategy. I put the effort in, spent the time finding my hot untapped market and basically did anything and everything Matt and Amanda suggested. I was so serious about this that at one stage I was ringing the help desk daily for advice and got the help I needed every single time.

Last week alone, I did a massive $11,683 in sales in just 7 days. The only problem is…I can hardly keep up with the demand! You have no idea how excited I am and how addictive eBay is once you know what you’re doing. This would never have happened without the eBay Magic system and the personal help I get all the time from Matt & Amanda and the Bidding Buzz team.

Thanks guys…we’re wrapped with the results and we know we’re heading for a very profitable year!

Pete and Theresa Bradley.


As a member of the eBay Magic monthly membership, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Total access to the membership website which is loaded with every piece of information you’ll need to create a profitable, automated eBay business like ours. We load new, up to date, cutting edge eBay information practically every day! It’s our job to educate you on how to be in the top 2% of sellers who make the most money…all you need to do is follow the system and watch the money come in.
  • Downloadable Audios, Interviews, Camtasia Videos and Videos full of tips and strategies we use on a daily basis to help fast track your business. By using our proven strategies and systems you will save years of research and thousands of dollars and know for sure you’re on the right track from the start. Remember…you can always get more money…but never more time.
  • Weekly e-classes. Each week we’ll email your eBay lesson directly to you. We are going to ‘hand hold’ you every single step of the way. On top of that, we’re even giving you homework to prepare you for your next lesson.

    You see, Building an eBay business is like building a factory. You must create a very strong foundation first so that your building will stand the test of time. Our eBay training is very structured and at every step of the way you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. This way your business will be profitable long-term and you can rely on the money to keep coming in. At no time will you be left ‘hanging in the breeze’ wondering what’s going on!

  • Links, Tools, New products, News and everything else we can get for you to fast track your profits. If we think it’s useful…you’ll be the first to know! As you can imagine, things change often so we make sure we’re on top of things and keep you posted the whole time. It’s our mission to make your eBay journey as fun and simple for you as possible.
  • Member Discounts and special offers from us and our Joint Venture partners including copywriting, website building, creating special eBay pages and new products. This alone will be worth thousands of dollars in savings for you as we have many friends and associates who offer us FREEBIES & massive discounts for our VIP members.

If you’d like to ask us a few more questions about the monthly membership before you get started, please give us a call or email.

Our number in Australia is 61 7 5535 6459 during office hours, or you can email us anytime on .

If you can’t wait to get started and want instant access so you can start making money today, simply click on the link below right now. You’ll then be taken to our secure area.

We’re looking forward to your success on eBay.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

“Helping You Become Time & Cash Rich With eBay”

Sell On eBay

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eBay BusinessHi Amanda & Matt!

I have been stumbling my way around the internet marketing scene for the

past 6 months now, looking for the right internet business opportunity to come along and allow me to create a better lifestyle for myself and my lovely partner. Along the way I joined internet marketing guru Brett McFall’s newsletter list…and boy am I glad I did. I received an email about 2 people that had reached an amazing $50,000 a month using eBay in only their first 6 months online…

WOW! The two people Brett spoke of were simply amazing. In fact…those two people were you…Amanda and Matt Clarkson…the eBay Magicians!

You both blew me away with your enthusiasm, eBay knowledge and concrete business sense.

You explained so very clearly the opportunity that lies within the world of eBay. A non technical, low risk, low start up cost, amazing profit potential (if done correctly) business opportunity where the customers are already waiting to buy! It seems that the internet business I was looking for had been under my nose the whole time. I had sold bits and pieces on eBay before, but had never stopped to consider the amazing business opportunity that it presented. If only I knew exactly what I needed to do to make it all happen.

Well…lucky for me…you had the answer here too. Your eBay magic course! A complete, step by step, no secrets left out manual for anyone looking for serious success on eBay.

You mentioned that every home has at least $2000 worth of "stock" just sitting around no longer being used that could be sold on eBay for profits! WOW! Never stopped to think that my old stuff could be worth something to someone else.

Well…as you both know…I earned an incredible $2674 in only 6 weeks selling my old and unused belongings from around the house! I ordered your eBay Magic course and I must say…WOW! The information in your course is first class…no stone left unturned.

I know that I have a lot to learn and that it will take dedication, time and effort to create the eBay business and lifestyle I desire…but I know that I WILL! With the wealth of knowledge both of you have provided in the eBay Magic course and the support you have offered…I know that all I have to do is take positive action and I too can be an eBay Magician!

Imagine what I can achieve with everything in your eBay Magic course! In fact, I believe that anyone could be an eBay Magician with your help!

Thank you so much for everything Amanda and Matt. I truly look forward to sharing my journey and future successes with you both!

Kind Regards,

Mt Riverview, NSW

Sell On eBay

* Please note our Secure System is not currently compatible with Paypal please use a credit card or debit card to insure smooth delivery of our lessons and service.

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