There is a new marketplace called Copius which integrates with Facebook, and aims to take the anonymity out of buying and selling to build trust and increase sales. Sellers who want to harness the power of Facebook to foster trust among buyers and share deals with them now have a marketplace on which to do it. Copius has launched in America this week, and integrates with Facebook, with the aim of making online buying and selling a personal and social experience.

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Over the past few days Chile’s volcanic ash cloud has caused significant disruption across Australia with a number of domestic flights cancelled or rerouted to avoid the ash. The impact of the ash cloud may result in a delay to the delivery of some items sent via Australia Post as some of these services travel by air.
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Australia Post and eBay have teamed up to bring you 500g and 3kg satchels specially designed to make managing your eBay sales cheaper, easier, and best of all trackable. Satchels are now available to purchase and will be delivered to your door for a small fee. They are also now available to purchase with no quantity limits like when they first introduced them.

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The words you use in your eBay business, from the title of your listings to the descriptions to the emails you send out, will attract a certain customer who can relate to the words you use. This is a powerful concept that many people overlook.

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The eBay Box a green re-useable shipping box which was developed last year has won the creative world’s equivalent of an Oscar.

The eBay Box earned the Silver CLIO Award in the Packaging category. The annual awards, named for a muse in Greek mythology, recognize excellence in creative industries across a broad range of mediums. Submissions go through multiple levels of evaluation, and less than 10 percent of the submissions make it past the first round.

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eBay has sprung a surprise change on us today and changed Automation Preferences in Selling Manager Pro completely! If you have checked your eBay today you may not have noticed anything different however we it comes to sending personalised emails to buyers this is an option you no longer have.

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From this month eBay has opened up a number of different categories to a greater proportion of relevant listings from and

These changes will initially be implemented across a variety of categories where:

  • There are inventory gaps
  • Australian buyers already have a high rate of purchasing from overseas-based sellers

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As we know there are many different elements for niche markets to work on eBay, some markets are hotter when the summer months are here and some markets sell better in winter etc.

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eBay has introduced a shopping cart in the US and the UK that will let shoppers buy fixed-price and auction-style listings from multiple sellers.

Here’s how the shopping cart can make shopping on eBay simpler:

  • You can compare before you checkout
  • You can add several items to your cart to compare prices, and to see your total cost of your purchase before you check out.
  • You can pay many sellers with one payment

If you have items from several sellers in your cart and the sellers all accept the same payment method (such as PayPal), you can pay for all the items with one payment, instead of checking out several times. You can also pay for auctions that you have won or Best Offer items with other items in your cart.

For most items, you’re not committed to buy until you pay and when you have an item in your cart, you haven’t committed to buy it and the seller hasn’t committed to deliver it until you pay for your purchases. You are however, still committed to buy and pay for auction items that you won, and best offer items when the seller has accepted your offer.

You can check it out by going to:

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From early May, eBay started updating and simplifying the postage services offerings to provide the most relevant services for sellers. There will also be improvements to the way postage options and estimated delivery time is displayed to buyers.

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