David Jones the Department store announced a trading halt to it’s stock as well as a downgrade of profits yet again.
Here’s an extract of what market analyst Ben Le Brun had to say about it…
“There’s no bricks and mortar retailer in Australia that’s out of the woods,” he said.

When are these guys going to finally get it in their head…traditional business ‘bricks and mortar retailers in particular’ as a stand alone strategy is dying a slow death. In some instances a fast one. And yet people still turn their noses up at starting an online business.

Get a strategy, get online right now, see the writing on the wall for what it is and don’t be left wondering what the hell happened, five years from now.

Modern technology is changing the face of everything we do every day.
Encyclopedia Britannica has been selling printed versions of it’s encyclopedias for literally 244 years and they finally stopped the printing press last week.
This is such an amazing breakthrough and no less exciting than the changes that traditional businesses are having to make right now if they want to remain current and profitable into the future.
Every day we are speaking with business owners who are still too frightened of changing and are heading towards didaster, sadly they just can’t see it.
If it’s good enough for a company who has been doing the same thing for hundreds of years to change and go online, then wouldn’t you think it’s a smart lesson we can all learn from?
If you are still offline and wandering what the hell you are going to do…look to the internet there’s heaps of ways you can change and adapt.
Oh’ and of course make sure you keep eBay in mind as a solution too! 😉

Often people come to our programs having been a full time employee for many years, if not all their working life. Sadly, often a result of being on a fixed income can mean people begin to think with a fixed mindset and this in turn leads to financial and lifestyle stagnation.
Looking back now, I was lucky as an carpentry contractor I never really had permanent income. Constantly I was having to look for the next house to build, negotiating a rate, delivering on the promise and finally sometimes, having to chase my money from the head contractor.
Unwittingly I was setting myself up for a mindset that never had the chance to become ‘fixed’.
If you’re on a fixed income look for ways you can firstly change your mindset to look for opportunities, see them for just that, and ultimately have the courage to take action.
Don’t let the old institution of full time employment be the reason why you don’t go out looking for a better way…instead make it the exact reason why you set out on a new journey to freedom. Whatever that means to you.
What or who could you be if you had the courage?

eBay are always looking for ways to encourage shoppers to spend more money and the new changes look like a great way to enhance the shopping experience. If you are a Top Rated seller and you offer free shipping and fast postage soon you will have a new logo and info appearing on the details page of the listing. Check out the image below…

Yet another great reason to be give great customer service and encourage more people to shop with you. These days everyone wants their items fast and this is another way that eBay are showing that they are the worlds leading online department store.

These changes will begin appearing about now so keep your eyes pealed!

Well we are proud to announce the launch of the Easy Pay Rise Tour for 2012 and you’re invited.

If you haven’t seen us before it’s a great opportunity to come along and see the opportunity having an eBay business has to offer.

Find out more from the website below and reserve your free seats right now…

Easy Pay Rise Tour

See you there!

No one ever wants to hear bad news and sadly for the thousands of people employed in Australian retail that’s exactly what they are going to hear in 2012.

The retail sector has had one of the worst Christmas lead ups in years and in fact many Australians are just as wary now about their jobs as they were during the worst of the GFC. CoreData actually predicts that over 100,000 jobs are going to be lost next year in Retail & Tourism.

So what’s the good news?

The good news is that if you’re part of the growing number of people learning how to sell online, especially eBay, then you’re in for a fast growth opportunity. It’s a transitional time right now with how people shop online and the early adopters are already profiting and you could be too.

Don’t be one of the people who looks back in 20 years and says…”Geez I wish I’d got started online 20 years ago when it was really just starting to take off.”

The future belongs to you…seize it now and be in charge of your own financial destiny!

eBay are always looking for new ways to generate income and this time they are helping you as a seller too. As of October, if you have a Fixed Price listing and you offer to ship to the UK or to the world, your listing will automatically appear in the Uk eBay search results.

How cool is that?

What this means is that you can now immediately access another 17 million people…yep nearly the whole population of Australia…simply by ticking the box to ship worldwide. The great news is that the flow on affects could be enormous. Imagine you now have the possibility have getting extra potential shoppers looking at your listings for no extra cost.

The pitfall to look out for would be to make sure you are on top of your correct shipping options and cost’s and also making sure you are aware of the time differences when selling into another market. Remember, it’s all about communicating with your customers and making sure they understand distance and timing. Another thing to be aware of is potential customs duties at their end. Ideally you want to make sure you avoid the customer having to pay import duties on your items as they could be unaware of this and that it could cost them extra money if not sent correctly.

There you have it…even more ways to make money on the worlds largest sales platform!

There’s a new trend of online retail spending after the traditional US Thanksgiving holiday called Cyber Monday. This is where people take advantage of discounts similar to what we see for Boxing Day specials in Australia.
This year amazingly over $1.25 Billion was spent in one day online. This is a combination of individual websites and the usual contributor eBay. This year we can also see the trend of mobile phone spending skyrocketing. In fact 10% of all those sales were made by people using mobile devices like phones and iPads.
What’s even more astonishing is that prior to the Cyber Monday online sales, there was the usual Black Friday spending in traditional stores, the kicker is that the online spending beat traditional spending by 29%.
This is truly a changing of the way people are now choosing to spend their money and once again it makes great inspiration to be selling online.

What are you going to sell today online?

With Halloween in just a few days many of you may have already been scouring eBay for costumes for various “Halloween” parties around. If you’re dressing up a Zombie, The nightmare from Elm Street or anything else fun, be sure to take some photos and share them on eBay’s Facebook page.

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More and more people are now using their mobile phones for eBay related searching and buying and now you can now use it to receive offers on your electonic items directly from eBay as well!

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