As of the 15th of September the store subscriptions on eBay will be simplified and the fee structure will change also.

moving forward there will only be two store subscriptions the Basic & Featured Store which will now cost $24.95 per month and the Anchored store which will cost $499.95. You will have to work out your turnover and your transaction levels to determine which of the two levels would suit your business.

The good news is the cost of the Insertion fee will come down and the Final Value fees will be adjusted also.
eBay state that over all the sellers will be better off with the new fee structure.

What is this really telling us?

I believe it’s all part of the push from eBay to bring the service levels of the sellers up to a more professional level.
This year has been a real year of change for the eBay fees and listing upgrades and we believe it’s because it’s heading towards the ecommerce type platform and slowly evolving away form bewing the auction platform that it’s success was founded on.

If you want to find out more about the fees and changes check it out here…

Recently I was reading an extract from a Jim Rohn book and he talks about people failing to plan their lives. In fact he says that most people will spend more time planning their holidays and vacations away, than they actually do planning their lives.
Wow! When I read that it really made me think about how few people actually take the time to think and plan their life.
How can we change this paradigm?
Usually it starts with ourselves. Thinking about what we truly want in our lives and planning to make that happen.
Who knows if you end up doing what you love to do every day, then isn’t every day a holiday?

Some of you may know I am a big fan of the marketing philosopher genius Seth Godin. His regular blog post’s are an excellent read and this one is very insightful for those looking at creating a new income and reality for themselves.

Check out Seths Blog today…

A figment

It seems like the only thing you can be a figment of is someone’s imagination.

Andy Warhol wanted the word FIGMENT etched on his tombstone. He understood that the only place he actually existed (and will exist forever) is in the imagination of other people.

No, the falling tree in the empty forest makes no noise, and your project or your brand doesn’t exist except as a figment in someone else’s imagination. The challenge, then, isn’t to worry so much about what’s happening in the real world, outside, but to work overtime to be sure you exist in the figment world, inside.

You don’t need proof. You need belief. (HT to Rick Hyman)

As we mature often responsibility is passed onto professionals who often don’t really know how to care for the ageing people.
On top of that we find it hard to know how to care for people properly as their mind begins to lose touch.

Here’s something I saw about how iPods loaded with music are helping mature people in retirement homes.

It really blew my mind and I really wanted to share it…

iPods Profound Impact on the Lives of People With Memory Loss

Enjoy the video and please share the message.

Who knows it could be you one day!

Forester Research figures show that the online retail sales have hit over $200 Billion.

This is an astounding figure and yet it is still really only the beginning for online business.
Predictions are that online retail will still only reach 10% of all retail sales by the year 2015, so there is still massive opportunity for growth.

What’s astounding is that eBay sales are around $65 Billion so that shows that the eBay platform accounts for around 30% of all online sales.

So if you don’t yet have some form of eBay presence as part of your online strategy then you need to seriously think about how you could?

It’s an absolute game changer! With the search engines like Google and Bing now looking at including Social ranking as part of their algorithms eBay are now including the Like button and the Google +1 buttons to listings.
This will help those pages get ranked better in the search engines and it looks like us eBay sellers now have another thing to consider when selling our products.
We need to make sure there is some form of Social interaction with our customers moving forward and who knows maybe eBay might incorporate it into their search results in the future too. You read it here first!
There is a new area on called eBay Top SHared and it showcases the most Liked and shared items on eBay.
Get ready for the future of Social shopping!

Online retail in Australia will be stepping up another notch soon with Amazon admitting it is looking for warehouse space in Australia.
Just as more and more traditional retail stores are feeling the pinch from online retail outlets, the last thing they want to hear is that a major player like Amazon is stepping things up.
All I can say is fantastic! I’m a converted online retailer and have been for many years now and the more online shopping becomes accepted the more us online sellers will grow.
It’s just another sign that small business owners in Australia need to get on board with online sales and they need to stake their claim pretty quickly.
The average person need to constantly look for ways to make money online and do it in this time in history where big business still doesn’t have foothold on this amazing new platform.

Until now people have been able to basically buy their way to the top of the search results on eBay.
We’ve been able to do it using things like Featured Plus, which cost’s a reasonable amount of money and gets you to the top of the page on the search results.

You could even pay around $149 and have your listings appear on the Home page of eBay where they scrolled through amongst the other listings that paid for this feature. That upgrade is called Home Page Featured.

Well all this is coming to an end in the first week of May as eBay are removing these Listing Upgrades. What this means is that you have to follow the steps we recommend to build up your credibility as a seller and aim to become a Top Rated Seller.

eBay are truly heading towards becoming the worlds leading online Department Store and by giving people excellent customer service and delivering a great product in a timely manner means you can create a fantastic business.

Watch out for the upcoming changes because it means the big guys are dropped back down to a level playing field.

Once again eBay Australia’s top 2000 sellers have smashed the current economic paradigm for growth.
While traditional retail wallows in nearly pure desperation, the top sellers on eBay achieved staggering growth in their eBay stores. This means there are now over 150 sellers all doing over $1,000,000 in sales per year.
Not bad when you consider we are one of the smaller eBay platforms with only 8 million registered users.
Even some of the big name Australian retailers are finally coming around to the idea that having an eBay presence is a good idea.
I’m so grateful that the little guy still has the opportunity to get onto a platform like eBay, no matter their size or budget, and be able to take on the big names. This is definitely that fork in history where we could look back and say…”I’m so glad I made a start to have an online business and staked my claim”
What are you waiting for? Don’t wait to re skill yourself, after you get the sack from your job…pre empt the possibility and reduce the risk of being an employee. Something I still consider to be one of the riskiest positions to be in.

Hi wanted to share this blog post from the amazing thinker and marketing philosopher Seth Godin.
He talks about investing money into something based on the value it brings you after the act of spending the money.
There are very few people who can verbalise a message as well as Seth Godin.
If you are into business or want to understand more about the mindset of your customers, read his latest blog post and prepare to be inspired.
Making Big Decisions About Money

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