The Australian and Sunrise recently reported the exciting research which shows that right now there are 1667 eBay Millionaires In Australia.

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Matt and Amanda Clarkson invited to speak live on radio station 2UE about Australia’s growing group of eBay Millionaires.

Recent studies have revealed that there is currently 1667 eBay Millionaires within Australia, and what’s exciting is that a lot of these people are simply your everyday Aussie.

Since 2007 Matt and Amanda Clarkson have shown thousands of everyday people how they can top up or replace their income using eBay as well as a few eBay Millionaires!

It’s no wonder they’re affectionately known as Australia’s eBay Magicians!

This week Channel Nine showcased a story on the amazing eBay seller David Mills who founded AGR machinery in 2006. What’s amazing about David is that he turned over $40 Million on eBay Australia last year which is an amazing result when you consider that the population in Australia is only about 22,000,000 people.
The amazing thing about eBay is that anyone can start from scratch and create a fantastic business.
You can also set up your eBay store to look like a website, just like have done.
This really highlights what’s possible on eBay and imagine just how massive things could be when you access a global market place.
What are your goals and how big would you like them to be?
What’s holding you back from achieving those dreams?

eBay is always evolving and the latest changes are to help bring them in line with some of the other online shopping outlets where the pictures you use a plain and clear of extra marketing and graphical images.

Why would they do this?

Firstly sellers have been able to include their business name or contact details in the graphical images and of course this is not helping eBay as people will then be able to find you outside of eBay if you had the right details included.

Another reason they are removing the images is because some sellers who don’t really know how to add pictures professionally are inadvertently covering up the actual product in the images. This makes it harder to clearly see the product and can cause uncertainty or bad feedback later.

What they will allow you to have is a water mark of your eBay ID to help prevent images being used without permission and they can only be up to 50% washed out.

The last remaining thing to mention is that if you already have live Good Till Cancelled listings with graphical images in the picture you can leave them as they are…for now.

Well the new look on eBay Australia has kicked in and it means your Listing Titles are even more critical towards your success.

So what’s new and how could it affect you?

The eBay homepage is pretty much an individual page suited to the person who uses the computer, or more specifically the browser to look at the website. Essentially eBay now know what you’ve looked at previously based on the keywords the customer types in when looking for a product.

The next stage of this change is that the user can now enter in direct Feeds so that any new or existing items for sale, with those keywords in the Title, will appear on the home page.

Statistically, the less clicks someone has to do to see an item, the more chance they will take action to place an order. By placing items they know you are interested in right on the home page, they are banking on the customer being more likely to make a buying decision.

So what this means is you will need to make sure your keywords and Titles are maximising the new system.
Of course if you have already been selling regularly you won’t want to remove an item that already has a success history for making sales. It might mean testing new listing Titles if you think you might be able to improve your results.

So many people look for ways to reduce their cost’s when running a business and that’s a legitimate business strategy.

But it’s not a smart strategy when it comes at a cost of growing your ebay business or stifling your business growth. See, when I look at a business expense I ask myself…

“How can I maximise the money I have to spend in my business, not how can I cut costs no matter what?”

You need to offer as many ways for the customer to pay you as you are able to. We offer PayPal, credit card, direct bank deposit, cheque & money order.

Yes you will have to pay a percentage of your transaction to PayPal if the customer chooses to pay that way, but let’s face it, every business has those costs in running their business. The good news is though, as your business grows and you reach higher sales volumes you can go back to PayPal and get a reduced transaction fee.

So you see there a few options available to you but don’t strangle your own success by penny pinching!

We all know how hard done by poor old Billionaire Gerry Harvey is, when we think about how online retail is smashing the pants off of retail stores and sales.

The big picture is that the world has changed and technology is allowing the everyday person to shop how and when they choose. Also I’ve been travelling to the US and Europe since I was 19 years old and was astonished to see the same products we purchase in Australia often for half the price or even a third of the price.

The reality is that as the world becomes more educated, and has access to online stores overseas, shop owners and retailers in Australia have not kept pace and in fact even scoffed at people selling products direct on the Internet. This week Gerry Harvey stated that this is the worst he has seen the retail market conditions in over 50 years.

The only answer these frazzled business owners have come up with is to slash the prices. The missing ingredient here isn’t price, it’s about educating yourself in new ways of Doing business, new and old ways of Marketing your business, and Investing in your future.

I’m sorry but I find it hard to feel sorry for business owners who won’t invest into their knowledge and education to learn how the new economy works. You will pay the price in one of either two ways…up front learning how to do run a business in the new economy, or later in lost sales and a business going broke because you strangled it.

A lady came to us one year ago from Melbourne. She had opened a retail store in a shopping centre and after only 6 weeks she new it was going broke. She had her first customer after 12 days of being open and was absolutely terrified. After starting on eBay following our steps she reached over $500,000 in sales in her first 11 months and is well on track for true freedom.

So how will you change your way of thinking in the new year?

If you are in business or intend on getting into business I urge you to embrace the new market place in as many ways as you can and don’t become a media statistic.

This is a question we get asked all the time and I think it’s because eBay put a lot of focus onto the category you list your items in.

But what about from a customers perspective?

As far as we are concerned, success on any platform comes down to how people can actually find you amongst the competition and this is achieved by the Keywords you use in your Listing Title or web page.

If I listed an item in the right category, but failed to include the best keywords relating to my product, then people would not find my item to be able to purchase it. It wouldn’t matter what category it was in if I didn’t have the keywords to be found.

It pays to keep in mind that eBay is basically a search engine and we can only be found based on the search terms the potential customers use and if we have the matching keywords in our titles then the search engine can show the best results to the person making the search.

Of course to make all of this work now you will need to meet the criteria for being rated a Top Rated Seller on eBay, so that our items can be shown near the top of the search results.

Stay tuned for more new eBay business success tactics.

eBay is constantly evolving.

Did you know that now 80% of everything sold on eBay is brand new. Keep your eye out for the new changes including the new “products feed” where they use your purchase history to show you new products when you get there. Very exciting development for us eBay addicts!

The platform is more and more becoming the department store focusing on new products supplied by professional sellers. It’s a great time to upskill yourself and know how the platform is changing if you want to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competition.

It’s that time of year again when it seems like winter has passed and someone has flicked a switch and people are out and about again ready for summer.

We always see this time of year as a great time to gain momentum in a new eBay business. Now that it’s so important to become a Top Rated Seller the more transactions you can notch up the better and leading up to Christmas is perfect.

It’s your chance to build your feedback both before and after Christmas so make sure you make the most of the opportunity. People are looking to buy presents as well as sell unwanted items they don’t want so there is a lot of activity on eBay. If you are building up your feedback try the DFO outlets or Harbour Town to buy multiples of the same items. That way you can reuse the listing and save you time.

Don’t forget to focus on achieving high 5 stars for your Detailed Seller Ratings.

One of Australia’s largest online stores Deals Direct has lost a case against the ACCC regarding their Warranties and returns policies. The ACCC state that online retailers need to supply the same returns policies as traditional bricks and mortar businesses and that customers should expect similar rights to customers who shop from physical stores.

The statement made by the ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel says…”Online retailers must recognise that they are subject to the same laws as shop front retailers,”

It appears that the ACCC is now actively targeting online retailers and how they run their business and overall this can’t be a bad thing. The future for anyone wanting to sell online longterm is that you are currently leading the way in a new industry, however that industry will one day be the norm.

Lets face it, people want to shop online so we need to make sure we give them as much reason to shop with us as a traditional business. Online retailers need to check their warranties as the ACCC is currently checking websites to see if they comply so it might be a good time to check what your policies are.

The take away is don’t get caught out…get better at your trade!

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