Bidding Buzz Blog – New Pictures & Images Rules Coming Into Your eBay Business

eBay is always evolving and the latest changes are to help bring them in line with some of the other online shopping outlets where the pictures you use a plain and clear of extra marketing and graphical images.

Why would they do this?

Firstly sellers have been able to include their business name or contact details in the graphical images and of course this is not helping eBay as people will then be able to find you outside of eBay if you had the right details included.

Another reason they are removing the images is because some sellers who don’t really know how to add pictures professionally are inadvertently covering up the actual product in the images. This makes it harder to clearly see the product and can cause uncertainty or bad feedback later.

What they will allow you to have is a water mark of your eBay ID to help prevent images being used without permission and they can only be up to 50% washed out.

The last remaining thing to mention is that if you already have live Good Till Cancelled listings with graphical images in the picture you can leave them as they are…for now.

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