Are You Ready For The Busy Holiday Season On eBay??

When it comes to holiday sourcing on eBay, there’s no doubt about it, the more prepared you are, the more you’ll profit. Sometimes we can get so caught up in selling before we even realise that Christmas is near and we need to get our hands on some stock before the busy period.

Even though Christmas seems far away at this moment, it is actually quite close especially if you are working with manufacturers overseas to get something landed in Australia before Xmas. Typically you need to start thinking about your holiday season order in September/October as this is the busiest time for manufacturers to finish all their clients orders.

The first place to start when figuring out what holiday products to sell is to look at your best sellers from last year or if you just started out selling then you could look at Trends through Terapeak or Google Insight to see what was hot in your market last year.

Also stocking your store with updated versions of what your customers are already buying is another great way to increase your sales over this busy period.

There are trends in every product category and one way to look at those trends is Google Insights. So if you sell camping tents and accessories, Google Insights will show you how those products trended for the previous year, this is a great tool to get an overall picture of your market.

Also look to other major internet marketplaces to find out what’s on their hot lists. eBay Pulse will show you what’s hot on eBay and Amazon also displays lists of what’s hot, and most wished for on the site, a great way to see what else you could be selling…

So don’t leave it til the last minute with your sourcing, whatever method you use the earlier you start the better. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the holidays profits, so get cracking and make sure you are ready for the rush!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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