AliExpress Launches New Service – Fulfillment By AliExpress!

Fulfillment by AliExpress is a new shipping solution that has just been launched by Alibaba, which offers convenience and affordability. With Fulfilllment you can: track orders from different suppliers throughout China, verify orders at a central Warehouse, and combine orders into one cost-reducing international shipment. It’s all online, saving you time, money and energy!

Up to 30% cheaper on international shipping!

Like traditional fulfillment houses, Fulfillment by AliExpress saves you money on shipping by negotiating regular bulk shipping deals with carrier companies such as UPS, EMS, etc. Unlike traditional fulfillment houses they are stating they do not charge a premium for their service but pass our savings on to you the buyer!

Offers Pre-Shipment Inspection!

Pre-Shipment Inspection is a free and optional service for checking that your shipment matches your order list.

Saves you the time and trouble of tracking multiple shipments!

Rather than having to deal with many suppliers with varying levels of international shipping experience, you can contact Aliexpress directly to learn the whereabouts of your shipments. AliExpress manages the domestic shipping within China and stores your shipments in their Warehouse until you tell them to ship them internationally.

The shipping fees associated with Fulfillment by AliExpress are separated into two distinct parts: domestic and international. The first shipping fee covers the domestic shipping cost from the supplier to the Warehouse. The second shipping fee covers the international shipping cost from the Warehouse to your destination.

There is no minimum order quantity associated with Fulfillment by AliExpress. You can order a single product from a single supplier, or many products from many suppliers.

Simply sign in to My AliExpress and go to the Order Details page within Your Orders. Here you can view the shipping status of all of your orders instead of waiting from several emails from suppliers to try and track your products down.

This new service by Alibaba has just been launched so if there is any hiccups in the system Aliexpress hasn’t yet stated these. They are simply taking out the hassle of chasing suppliers for your tracking numbers or emailing each one individually to get an answer. So we’ll keep you posted if any of our customers have any dramas or find the service helpful and much easier than what they are doing now.

Til next time, have a profitable eBay weekend!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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