Alibaba Launches Chinese Brands Into New Marketplace

Alibaba have announced the launch of the AliExpress Premier Channel, a sourcing site that features more than 30 popular Chinese brands like AKseries, DeereMarchi and Dilong many of which have been selling on’s Taobao (the main competitor against eBay in China) marketplace for years.

Many of the brands offered on AliExpress Premier and those that will be offered on eBay, have been selling online in China for several years. Breo, which used to go by the name Breeze, has more than 10 offline stores throughout China. Kwong Pontus Telecom & Techno Company is a leading maker and exporter of electronics, specializing in cordless phones. Aigo specializes in storage devices, multimedia players and data security.

Products on the AliExpress Premier Channel range from clothing and accessories to housewares and the same protection applies to shoppers through the Escrow payment system, so you can rest assured your getting the best quality for your money.

You can find the new site through the Premier tab on AliExpress, or by going to


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