About Bidding Buzz and its Founders


AmandaMattBidding Buzz is the world’s No. 1 eBay education company and is leading the way when it comes to showing people how to set up a successful eBay business.

Matt and Amanda Clarkson – the founders of Bidding Buzz – went from a standing start in 2006 to eBay success in just 24 months and are now sharing their tips, strategies and secrets with everyday people from all walks of life around the world.

They have developed a number of unequalled programs that show everyday people how to create a highly successful home based eBay business, using the exact same proven steps and strategies they took and still currently use.

The Internet is the world’s largest marketplace and eBay is its biggest trader. Everyone wants a piece of the eBay action and with more than 300 million eBay members spending a staggering $170 million every single day on eBay, it’s easy to understand why.

In February 2006 Matt and Amanda were two ordinary Australians who decided to start a home-based Internet business selling products on eBay. They were facing an uncertain future and had never been on the eBay website until then.

Magic of Making Money on eBayBut they tapped into their burning desire for a better life and went on to build one of Australia’s most successful eBay businesses. They automated the business so well that it only needed a few hours a day to run and almost ran itself. They had created the ultimate home-based eBay business.

However, rather than sitting back enjoying an ideal lifestyle and abundant cash flow, they decided their bigger purpose was to give others the same opportunity by sharing their secrets and educating them on exactly how they did it.

So they produced the ‘Magic Of Making Money on eBay’ program which shows ordinary, everyday people how they can start an eBay business from scratch and start profiting instantly, without any eBay experience or needing to be a computer wiz.1001 eBay Success Secrets

Matt and Amanda are now International Speakers and best selling Authors.

The future is limitless for this rapidly growing company and thanks to the vision of the founders Matt & Amanda, the Bidding Buzz journey will mean the difference for many everyday people all over the world.

Feel free to contact us to find out how you too could change your life with a successful eBay business.



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