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There is a new marketplace called Copius which integrates with Facebook, and aims to take the anonymity out of buying and selling to build trust and increase sales. Sellers who want to harness the power of Facebook to foster trust among buyers and share deals with them now have a marketplace on which to do it. Copius has launched in America this week, and integrates with Facebook, with the aim of making online buying and selling a personal and social experience.

Copious aims to help merchants increase sales by humanizing and connecting them on a personal level with shoppers. Like other marketplaces, Copious provides buyers with photos and descriptions of items.

When you sell on Copious, you have the potential to reach the 500-million people who use Facebook every day – with no listing fees.

Sellers can list a variety of items on Copious, from shoes to handbags, to collectibles, to books. Listing on Copious is free and, for a limited time, merchants only pay a 3.5-percent commission fee if their items sell. (Commissions are normally 10 percent). Sellers can also add unlimited images to go with their listings. Additionally, Copious plans to support listings with ads on Google and Facebook.

On Copious, buying and selling is meant to be a “social” experience. Sellers can offer incentives, to encourage shoppers to spread the word to their Facebook friends about items they’ve found on Copious, using the “Share” feature. Buyers can also take advantage of the “Play Favorites” feature to get big discounts if they follow the seller to see updates about new arrivals or promotions.

Sellers can sign up to offer their products on Copious by going to copious.com.

Check out their site by clicking on their link above.

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Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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